Disability Support

Here at Mont Rose College, we offer disability and dyslexia support to students who have disclosed disability to the college.

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Students with Disabilities/Additional Learning Support:

Mont Rose College is fully committed to support its students with disabilities. Our Student Services Office takes care of the disability provision for the students. At the time of admission the students are encouraged to indicate if they need additional support throughout their time at the college.

Policy Statement

Mont Rose College is committed to provide equal learning and support opportunities to all of its students.

Our policy is to:

  • Gradually remove barriers affecting students with disabilities
  • Ensure that all students with disabilities are given appropriate advice and help after their disability assessment by the Student Services department.
  • Ensure that this policy is congruence with other related College policies.
  • Communicating the disability policy clearly to all concerned students in the medium most appropriate to them.

Services offered to the students

Below is the brief information of learning support offered to students with Dyslexia, Impaired Mobility & hearing Impairments.


The following regulations apply to students with Dyslexia, should students wish to make use of them:

  • Large print hand-outs and copies of notes will be made available for those students requiring them.
  • One-to-one tutorials (teachers employed to give additional support)
  • Allowances will be made for poor spelling; assignments will be marked on the basis of content, meaning and understanding.
  • All printed material will be available on yellow, pink, blue or green paper with a suitable font (i.e. Comic Sans).
  • Permission to tape lessons (on approval from the College).
  • Extra time in examinations.

Hearing Impairment(s):

The following regulations apply to students with hearing impairment, should students wish to make use of them:

  • Note-takers (for the student).
  • One-to-one tutorials (teachers employed to give additional support)

Impaired Mobility

Due to financial constraints and planning regulations, it may not always be possible to make necessary adjustments where existing building restrictions make access difficult. Areas that are presently inaccessible to people with impaired mobility will be reviewed. A bathroom for disabled persons is available in the building where Mont Rose College is located.


Students may have other conditions affecting their studies, i.e. epilepsy, asthma, Multiple Sclerosis. Students are advised to call us for advice, or visit to speak to us in confidence on the support available.

Below are some of the bullet points

  • Assign a mentor to disabled student who works closely with the student. The mentor has to look after student academic progress, providing guidance, pastoral support and arrange extra tutorial session if needed.
  • We offer one-to-one counselling sessions
  • Liaising with tutors
  • Advice on course-related adjustments
  • Arranging special facilities during examinations
  • Learning Support
  • Arrange extra tutorial if needed
  • Workshops and one-to-one tutorials in academic writing, English language, and communication so you can continue to improve your English skills while you study with us.
  • Helping them day to day how to use computer for their assignments
  • Having lift service in both buildings
  • Pastoral support
  • You can find out more about Disability Student Allowances (DSAs) and apply on the government's website government's website.