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What is HND Course?

The Higher National Diploma HND courses is a two-year qualification and work-related course provided by higher education universities in the UK. The Edexcel BTEC higher national diplomas HNDs are apt for the skills essential for a range of sectors at Regulated Qualifications Framework RQF level 4 and level 5. Completing any of the level 4 and 5 qualifications will let learners a headway to the next level of higher education at the best UK universities. They are focused on ‘learning by doing’ and are designed to give you essential work skills. Generally, HND degree are equivalent to the second year of the university and – while the hands-on skills gained from a Higher National Diploma can head directly to the workplace – they are usually used as a key stepping-stone to a full degree.

On completion of the HND course, you can access the final year of any British University Degree, or any other nationalities or even directly enter the job market. The HND qualifications are professional courses that get you prepared for specific areas of today’s tough competitive job market with practical skills.

Why HND courses is Worth Considering As a Profitable Career Choice?

The higher national diplomas HND qualification offers heaps of benefits making it a very appealing and rewarding option for the students. HND are professional courses— the chosen HND will guide you towards the professional career you wish to have after completion of your third-year at University.

  • It is only a 2-year course.
  • It gives you flexibility, i.e. you can do it as part-time or full-time.
  • It is a vocationally focused course that leads you straight on to a career.
  • HNDs are focused on learning by doing and develop practical skills.
  • It gives you lots of options— to study further, get employed or take a break.
  • It is a fast track to many universities.

HND Courses — Find Your Ideal Career

Put together with continual input from world’s top employers, MRC’s higher national diploma courses are designed with employability in mind and offer the professional expertise and hands-on experience organizations are looking for. A Higher National Diploma at Mont Rose College is a two-year full-time career-focussed qualification with the best academic and practical skills.

Why Choose MRC for HND Courses in London?

Mont Rose College is one of London’s most successful colleges and our mission is to help you achieve and get the best possible future and career.

  • Our HND courses are career-focused and hands-on learning
  • We have a team of dedicated and skilled staff and professors
  • We offer flexible study options— part-time or full-time
  • We have competitive tuition fees
  • We offer a range of HND courses to choose from
  • We offer— Quality, Consistency and Caring
  • We can help you achieve to open doors to new opportunities.

We don’t believe in self-praise. Visit us to one of our open days and find out yourself how MRC can give your career a benchmark! Enhance your prospects with the UK accredited Higher National Diploma (HND) at Mont Rose College, London.

Kick Start Your Career with HND Courses

To get ahead in today’s business environment, it is important to have appropriate qualifications and skills that will help you climb the corporate ladder. At Mont Rose College, we offer a wide range of courses which are not only recognized in the UK but are also internationally recognized as suitable qualifications for best positions in the corporate world. The qualification is recognized greatly by private as well as public sector employers across the world.

We offer a range of Higher National Diplomas HNDs at Mont Rose College:

HND in Business Marketing

HND in Business Marketing will equip you for a career in today’s ever-changing business world. It is designed to prepare you through a combination of theoretical and practical teaching. You will develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the business. You will gain in-depth knowledge of global business, comparative and international politics and public policy, and the skills to analyse and implement what you learn. You will apply what you learn in the classroom to real-life business scenarios. By the time you come to final year, you will be all set to take the next step to a successful career in business.

HND in Business Accounting and Finance

This course brings the practical and theoretical aspects of marketing, management, accounting and finance in business. The aim of the HND in Business Accounting and Finance is to give a degree based upon good theoretical learning that seeks to develop skills in analysis, application and problem solving. This course gives you an appreciation of financial planning and constraints. If you want to get a good, in-depth knowledge of all business accounting and finance aspects, this course is right for you.

HND in Hospitality Management

HND in Hospital Management is designed for students to get a good understanding of all the hospitality management aspects. It provides a broader range and scope than other diploma courses. It can be used to grow within the hospitality sector and also give an opportunity to advance onto the third year of any hospitality related degree at University. On completion of this course, you will improve your understanding and build up the techniques and skills needed to be successful in today’s exciting and fast-growing hospitality sector. Also, pursuing HND in Hospitality Management will improve your job opportunities and earning potentials in this industry

HND in Health and Social Care

This HND is designed for adults who are above age 19. This qualification will let you attain an internationally-recognised qualification in the field of Health and Social Care. HND in Health and Social Care will give a sound understanding and knowledge of core issues in the health and social care setting, and the skill essential to work in the sector. It gives an opportunity to develop further skills and knowledge, and get good employment in the sector. And, if you are a current practitioner in the sector this HND course will allow you to improve your existing knowledge and experience to foster your career development.

HND in Healthcare Management

Higher National Diploma HND in healthcare management provides a perfect combination of specific skills and knowledge relevant to effective practice in health and social care along with the academic learning and employability skills. The course focuses on a hands-on approach and learning to healthcare management and is highly vocational. If you want to advance your career in health and social care, prepare yourself to take on higher responsibilities or develop your specific interests in the sector, this HND course is ideal for you.

HND Courses

Start your path to career success with a Higher National Diploma (HND) at Mont Rose College. The Edexcel BTEC HND is designed to provide specialist work-related qualifications appropriate to the skills needs of a range of sectors at RQF levels 4 and 5. They have been developed to provide the required knowledge, understanding and skills in a sector context, necessary to prepare the learners for employment, academic career progression and/or to provide career development opportunities for those already in work.

The selection of HND courses at Mont Rose College will equip you with a range of creative and practical skills that are essential to a long and successful career in the Business industry.

The Pearson HND is a qualification that has been recognised globally, providing the opportunity for the students to enrol in universities for the third year (Top-up) of bachelor’s degrees. This is subject to the fulfilment of the other admission criteria of the universities and the final decision to make an offer lies with the universities. Top-up degrees are of one year duration, the final year of the three-year full time undergraduate BA / BSc Honours degrees.

SFE funding is available when you apply to study a HND course at Mont Rose College, so that you can advance your career without worrying about the course fees.

HND in Business Marketing

This pathway gives an overview of the marketing function. It considers the purchase decision-making process and the variables and situations influencing buyer behaviour as well as exploring the marketing research process; the ability to determine specific promotional activities in response to target audience; the application and evaluation of analytical tools to create a marketing plan; and sales planning and operations and the different stages of the sales process.

This HND level programme is ideally suited to students who want to specialise in marketing, but would also like to learn more about the business needs and theories that underpin it. Mont Rose College’s thorough business and marketing curriculum, developed in consultation with members of the business community, will help ensure that you learn the broad range of transferable business and marketing skills that modern employers require.

HND in Business Accounting and Finance

Accounting and financial professionals are in demand all over the world. By enhancing your qualifications in this area you’ll find yourself part of a skilled workforce with an exciting career ahead. With input from the industry, the content of the HND Business Accounting course has been finely tailored to address the needs and expectations of employers – ensuring you graduate with the vital skills and knowledge sought-after by the sector.

Graduates will be armed with business, accounting and finance skills and knowledge that will enable you to consider a career in this specialist field. The business element of the HND course means you will not only become proficient in the field of finance and/or accounting but you will have attained holistic knowledge of how an organisation functions. This double function affords you the opportunity to consider job vacancies in areas other than the field of finance and/or accounting if you wish.

This programme provides learners an appreciation of financial planning and constraints. It covers the collection and analysis of cost data for management purposes, budgetary planning and control, the preparation of financial statements for different types of business and legal and regulatory provisions, the accounting and management control systems of a business and an evaluation of their effectiveness, and the taxation of individuals and limited companies.

HND in Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is a growth area that spans local, national and international organizations with a diverse range of styles such as large hotel complexes, boutique hotels and hospitality provision in many forms such as restaurants and provision for events.

The HND Hospitality provides opportunities for learners to focus on the development of higher-level skills in a hospitality management context, including investigatory and research skills focusing on management issues within the context of hospitality, leisure or tourism.

Recently restructured to reflect the changes in the dynamic hospitality industry, this course will equip you with vital managerial and technical skills for today’s hotel and catering industry. The course boasts a very high employment record for students achieving the diploma. Many exciting and varied opportunities await successful students, from working in international hotel companies abroad, to employment in leisure parks, themed restaurants, brewing companies, etc. Students study a core of subjects with a choice of options. This allows you to choose topics of interest and also to relate choices to your chosen career path. The HND courses is closely aligned with both the BA and BSc degrees.

HND in Business

HND in Business Marketing

HND in Business Accounting and Finance

HND in Business Accounting and Finance

HND in Hospitality Management

HND in Hospitality Management

HND in Health and
Social Care

HND in Health and Social Care

HND in Healthcare

HND in Healthcare Management