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Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences is pleased to announce the establishment of its own Research Centre from January 2019.

The purpose of the centre is to conduct research that will bring together the research interests of its staff and the interests of its various stakeholders (students, partner institutions and the local community). In joint cooperation with our stakeholders we will set up research projects that will further promote the academic values and scientific expertise that are necessary in today’s markets. Our initial research projects will focus around themes that are relevant to the local communities we have a connection with.

At the same time, the College’s Journal of Academic Reviews (JAR) has been recently added under the umbrella of the College’s Research Centre. Its research publications will be taking place in parallel with the Research Centre’s activities helping in that way in the latter’s effective promotion and increased visibility in the academic environment and to the College’s stakeholders.

JAR has been restructured in such way in order to serve all the disciplines we currently teach at the College and also to provide a unique distinction in their academic perspective and spectrum. As part of the restructuring process JAR will be focusing on four dual themes. These are:

1. Business and Innovation
Marketing, management (risk, operations, TQM), entrepreneurship, strategy, NPD, e-commerce, SMEs, logistics/supply chains, leadership, HRM, CSR, data mining, business psychology, business education, corporate finance, corporate governance, disruptive technologies, equity capital markets, ethics, microfinance, access to credit, credit unions, personal finance, training and development, recruitment and selection, social media, banking, consulting, aviation

2. Hospitality and Sustainability
Tourism, leisure, climate change, sports and recreation, service quality, culture, dark tourism, social media, volunteer tourism, poverty reduction, digital world, Airbnb, Brexit impact on UK hospitality, events management, micro tourism, tourism in developing countries

3. Teaching and Education
e-learning, curriculum development, assessment and attainment, school reform, health and child development, government policies, blended learning, pedagogy, massive open online courses, assessment and delivery, class attendance, finance in education, hospitality education

4. Health and Social Care
NHS finances and performance (GPs, mental health, community services), NHS reform (ageing population, public health), social care quality, care home provision, domestic violence/abuse, alcoholism, adult healthcare learners, epigenetic factors, BME, prolonged pain

Based on the aforesaid, our Research Centre would like to invite any interested parties that would like to explore research themes or have a budget set aside in order to use it for a research that is of their interest to contact us in order to discuss the possibility of conducting the research on their behalf.

Please contact for any research project related queries, or for any research publication related queries.