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How do you get an appointment at the welfare service?

Who is eligible for the welfare services at Mont Rose College Welfare Service?

Currently enrolled students at Mont Rose College are all eligible for services at the welfare service. Due to high demand on our service, all eligible students requesting welfare appointments will be assessed and matched to the most appropriate services available, including referral to community providers.

Persons who are on leave of absence or deferred from their course are not eligible for services at Mont Rose College welfare service. Mont Rose College welfare service will provide referral information to persons for community service providers as needed.

How do you contact the Mont Rose College welfare service?

You may phone us at 020 8556 5009 (ext. 1006), view information online at, send an email to or visit us in person at Shakespeare Building (old campus), 2nd floor.

What will happen when you contact the Mont Rose College welfare service?

All contact with the Welfare Service is confidential and free. You will be contacted by a welfare officer and be asked basic demographic information, given information of our confidentiality policy, and on the range of services available depending on your primary concerns. If you have any urgent or emergency concerns, please be sure to communicate this clearly to the welfare officer. The welfare officer will determine the available services for you including referral to community providers, for your needs.

Single Visit Appointments

In a Single Visit, you will meet with a welfare officer for one meeting for about 15 minutes. Often times, people who come in for welfare services are only seen for one visit as many times once the issues are addressed the effects can be minimised or dealt with. You’ll be asked many goal-directed questions in this session, answers to which may help guide you in deciding what do to about your issue. In addition, if you and the welfare officer decide that you need further welfare meetings, you’ll be referred for an Intake Appointment (see below). Please download and complete the “Student Welfare Service’s Referral Form” for this appointment.

Intake Appointments

If you are referred for an Intake Appointment, you’ll be asked to complete some forms either online or in person at the welfare service prior to your appointment. You will then meet with a welfare officer for a few 15-minute sessions and talk about your primary concerns, have a formal assessment, and discuss appropriate services. This may include seeing a welfare officer at Mont Rose College welfare service, seeing a professional provider in the community, or other Mont Rose College services. This decision will be made by the welfare team in conjunction with input from your intake welfare officer and you. If you engage in ongoing Welfare at Mont Rose College, it may be with another welfare officer other than the intake welfare officer. Please download and complete the “Student pre-counselling form” for this appointment.

Short-term Welfare

Once you have completed an Intake Assessment and been recommended for short-term Welfare at Mont Rose College Welfare Services, you will be given an appointment with the next available welfare officer. Together, you and your welfare officer will set goals to address your primary concerns and every few sessions will review your progress towards those goals. The number of sessions for which you are seen is determined by progress towards your goals, formal assessment, and review by the welfare team. Referral to community agencies, community providers, and other Mont Rose College services are made when appropriate.