Undergraduate Courses— A Stepping Stone to Your Career

A degree can open the door of opportunities and varied career paths. A good higher education can prepare you to shift to a new field or sector. Mont Rose College, MRC is a world-renowned college, where extraordinary faculty and brilliant students seek answers to knotty questions, learn new knowledge, lead revolution and transform the future. At MRC, you get rich learning experiences that give a broad and deep subject-field expertise. We revel in an ethos of learning by doing.

Why Choose MRC for UG Courses in London?

London is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students who dream of studying in a top-notch environment without overstretching themselves financially.

We are a great, modern college, in an amazing global city, we have a motivating aspiration to discover and share knowledge, to make higher education easily accessible and helpful to all those with the ability and enthusiasm to achieve something.

With our outstanding reputation, great facilities and a central London location, there’s every reason to choose and study with us.

  • We are one of the top UK education providers
  • We provide quality teaching resources
  • We believe in high-class student support and satisfaction
  • When you study here, you’re learning from the best
  • Our undergraduate degrees are internationally-recognized.
  • We encourage our students to go global.
  • We have highly qualified teaching staff
  • We believe in cutting-edge and practice-based research
  • You get enhanced career prospects with us

Be part of a college with a global outlook, in a city full of energy and spirit, beauty and creativity – an astonishing place to live and study in. With Mont Rose College, you get an opportunity to learn from internationally-eminent lecturers who are actively engaged in avant-garde teaching approaches.

An undergraduate degree from MRC is a qualification that the world will recognise and appreciate. But it’s much more than that. Our offered undergraduate courses will provide you with an outstanding university experience that’s deep-rooted in a rich heritage. You get accessibility to lots of opportunities not only within but also outside of your course or subject that will help you develop academically, professionally and personally.

Choose Mont Rose College and find out your own path to better future success. And if you need further advice or assistance on the entry requirements and options available for undergraduate courses in London, contact our expert team at Mont Rose College for friendly, expert advice.

Undergraduate Courses Offered At Mont Rose College

Your future starts here. Make it outstanding. Find an ideal UG courses for you and unlock your potentials with MRC. Our undergraduate courses are well-versed by world-leading minds, introducing the newest research directly to the classroom.

All undergraduate degrees at Mont Rose College are designed to provide students with important key subject concepts. The aim is to prepare students for several employment opportunities in the relevant significantly important and dynamic industry.

Our course provides undergraduate students with the core set of skills and knowledge that cover respective subject fields. We understand the need for cross-disciplinary training and that’s why we encourage collaborative interactions to improve undergraduate education. We offer a range of degree courses to pick from that can lead you into the field you want to pursue your career in.

We offer following undergraduate ( UG Courses):

BSc Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance are always a core part of any business’s operations. There is an increasing need to understand the different aspects of accounting and finance. The business environment is globally increasing technically and hence the need for qualified professionals to manage all the financial matters. BSc Accounting and Finance is a degree recognized worldwide, and designed with the goal of training and enhancing the critical and analytical abilities of students. This is degree will help you achieve professional accounting and financial skills. If you are planning for a career progression in commerce, industries, insurance, banking, taxation, treasury and financial management, BSc Accounting and Finance course is ideal for you.

BA Business Management

This UG course will help you gain a strong understanding of business management. This provides a comprehensive base in a range of business subjects including management, entrepreneurship, leadership and operations. This course explores all different aspects of the business. In the first year of BA business management, you will be introduced to the several challenges and problems of the business world and how to solve them professionally. By the final year of the course, you will have a strong business understanding, skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the fast-changing business world. This undergraduate degree course will prepare you for a host of business roles, develop strategies, manage teams, and make decisions.

BA Business Management with Foundation Year

The BA Business Management with Foundation Year blends contemporary business learning with the practical application of specialized business skills. It prepares undergraduate students for a successful career in multiple roles whether as a leader, team leader or future manager. Take the first important step towards a satisfying business career with this foundation year. It is a stepping stone that prepares you for limitless possibilities in the corporate world. Your degree course can take you anywhere. Whether you have the aim of holding high-profile roles or starting your own business, all you need is the right skills and the right undergraduate degree to get you started.


LLB Law degree prepares you for your career in legal professional practice. We combine several years of teaching experience with modern systems to learning. Throughout the course, we will encourage you to improve your professional skills through the supported conducts of our dedicated employability team. This degree provides a truly contemporary legal teaching reflecting the concerns and needs of society in the present time. You will develop a sound understanding and knowledge of legal concepts, their policy implications and practical applications in a supported learning environment that contains a wide range of different learning approaches. As a Law student you will gain core skills in legal arguments, research, and analysis, whilst engaging with studying law as a meticulous and socially-relevant academic discipline.

BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

BA (Hons) Business Management

BA (Hons) Business Management

BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year

BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year

LLB (Hons) Law

LLB (Hons) Law